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Can I Get Temp Cover If I Have Just Passed My Driving Test?

So you have just passed your driving test and you want to get on the road and explore your new found freedom. Firstly congratulations on passing. You may already realise as a young driver that unless your parents can afford to be very generous you are going to find that getting annual car insurance is going to cost as much if not more than the cost of a decent second hand car.

Realising that car insurance is practically unaffordable for most young drivers you may have done some research and discovered that you can get insured to drive for short periods of time. This may suit you as you can just get insured was and when you want to drive. This is a much cheaper and more cost effective option than having to buy a whole years worth of insurance.

Temporary car insurance for younger drivers

temp cover after you've passed your testA full years worth of cover is going to cost your thousands of pounds, it is not unrealistic to get quotes of £7,000 as a young 18 year old male who has just passed their test. You may have even thought about being added to your parents policy. Parents used to add their children to their insurance policy as an additional driver even though it was the son or daughter who would really be the main driver of the vehicle. This is known as fronting and is illegal in the UK.

Insurance companies have gotten wise to this and now reflect the true cost of adding a young driver to a parents policy. This means that the same 18 year old having just passed their test will expect to add about £3,500 to the cost of their parents premiums. Not only is that unrealistically expensive from most families but the parents also end up risking their no claims.

Temp cover under 25

You can get a temporary car insurance policy that will cover you to drive fully insured as and when you need to. You can buy cover for as little as just one day. Many younger drivers and those that have just passed their test tend not to drive that often, especially if they are not working and do not have to commute to work.

Up until very recently you could not get this type of short term insurance unless you were at least 21 years of age. Many insurers still insist on you being at least 25 years of age to qualify for temp cover. There is now at least one insurer that can cover you to drive from as young as 18 years old. However there is a caveat that you have to have held your full driving licence for at least 6 months.

So if you have just passed your test then a temporary daily policy will not be available to you. If you have been passed for at least 6 months then you can take advantage of temporary coverage and get insured to drive for just a day or anywhere up to 28 consecutive days.

Alternatives to temporary car insurance

So is there any affordable alternatives to get car insurance under 25 years of age and get insured if you have just passed your driving test? You can get a monthly pay as you go policy, this is much like a daily policy except that it covers you for a month at a time. It is more expensive than just getting a days worth of cover and that is because you are getting a whole months worth of coverage. The benefit of this type of policy is that you can get covered from as young as 17 years of age.

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