temp car insurance under 25

Temp Car Insurance Under 25, Temporary Insurance For Younger Drivers

You may already be well aware that you can get a temporary car insurance policy to allow you to drive for a short period, generally from 1 to 28 days. If you have recently been looking for temp cover and you are under 25 then you will no doubt be frustrated by the high costs of getting insurance and the number of insurers that exclude young drivers.

Currently you have to be at least 21 years of age in order to be able to get a temporary policy. Most underwriters have decided that under this age underwriting a policy over such a short period of time for such a high risk group is not cost effective. However if you are under 25 but over 21 then you can get insured. These insurance policies can be obtained from several specialist providers as well as many of the major insurers online.

One factor that you must consider if you are looking for temp car insurance under 25 is cost. Although policies are available as with any type of car insurance for the under 25's you will expect to be quoted a higher premium. However taking out cover for such a short period is a lot cheaper than having to maintain a yearly policy that can quite easily run into the thousands even for one of the more economical standard cars being sold in the UK.

You may however be interested in car insurance that will allow you to drive for a little longer than 28 days. In fact you may be looking for something a little more affordable than what you have currently been quoted for a standard policy. A little known type of temp cover under 25 is the pay as you go monthly option, this is not a normal policy taken out with monthly payments but a true month at a time car insurance.

Monthly pay as you go car cover is available for anyone at least 17 years of age and allows you to buy cover a month at a time. This is a great way to help you budget for the cost of being insured, obtaining cover for part of the year or just to obtain insurance until you reach your next birthday so that you can take advantage of the discount offered by the additional no claims bonus.

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